Thursday, 12 November 2020

The NEW SMART Elite Saddle Range - taking the SMART saddle to new heights

           Introducing the NEW SMART Elite Saddle Range

                     - taking the SMART saddle to new heights 

About the new SMART Elite saddle range:

  • High wither profile base panel and core shape
  • Reinforced with fully flexible materials to reduce compression and minimise need for shims and pads
  • New 'SMART 2.0' seat - balanced for rider support and security on the flat and over fences
  • Patented, proven SMART FlexTech technology and materials for high performance and results

*New SMART 2.0 seat - longer, flatter cantle for XC riding
*High profile base panel for the modern sport horse
*Reduced reliance on shims for the narrower, higher withered back shapes
RRP: £3,295
Introductory offer: £2,995 

''I'm loving the way the new SMART Elite Jump saddle allows me the flexibility to use it on any horse, especially the narrower stamp. It gives me a more close contact feel and my horses all the freedom they need.'' ~ Penny Lawn, Event Rider and SMART Ambassador

*SMART 2.0 seat for a natural jumping balance
*The most traditional looking GP saddle yet

*Support on the flat and over fences
RRP: £2,795
Introductory offer: £2,495

Available to pre-order now - simply contact us with your requirements:
Tel: 01909 720 259

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