Monday, 21 September 2015

New product: The SMART AirLink ~ Attaches your Air Jacket to your SMART saddle quickly and easily

Following on from previous advice, we are pleased to introduce the new SMART AirLink which can be used to easily attach your Air Jacket lanyard to your SMART saddle. Simply clip the strap between the front D-rings and  loop the lanyard through the metal centerpiece. 

The strap is made of strong triple layered nylon webbing and connects to the saddle via 2 x heavy duty clips. The combined strength of the reinforced SMART D-rings, the strong metal clips and the triple layered nylon webbing ensure that your Air Jacket is securely connected to the saddle and can withstand the force of the Air Jacket inflating. 

Not only can the SMART AirLink be used to attach your Air Jacket, but it can also be used as a balance strap. It can be quickly and easily removed from the saddle as required.

Introductory Offer

The SMART AirLink is available to order at our introductory price of £15 including delivery

The new SMART AirLink provides a user-friendly alternative for easy attachment of Air

Jackets to SMART saddles. Order yours today!

Avoid attaching straps to SMART stirrup bars

The unique stirrup bar attachment of SMART saddles is designed to withstand substantial vertical force, such as the weight applied into the stirrup by the rider. Balance straps or any other kind of attachment should never be fixed to the stirrup hanger.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Solution Saddles Combined Training Trailblazers Championships 2015 - Special Prizes for SMART saddle customers in 2016!

Solution Saddles were proud sponsors of the Trailblazers Championships Combined Training Finals held at Stoneleigh Park 17th - 26th July 2015.

We would like to congratulate all of the finalists, in particular the champions of each class:
Preliminary Horse Champions
Sue Knight on Newydd Charlie Boy
Novice Horse Champions
Rachel Ovens on Ted
Elementary Horse Champions
Emily Cruickshanks on Tymbars Wizbit
(pictured with Solution Saddles Technical Advisor, Rachael Brown,)

Preliminary Pony Champions
Connie Russell on Hanmere Knutkin
Novice Pony Champions
Jade Varley on Caegarw Lucy (pictured)

We are looking forward to 2016 when Solution Saddles will be once again sponsoring the Combined Training Championship Finals to be held at the Trailblazers Championships, Stoneleigh Park – come and meet us there! We will be happy discuss your saddle requirements and show you our range of patented RigidFree SMART saddles.

There will be Solution Saddles prizes awarded to the champion of each class and for 2016, Solution Saddles will also be offering a special prize for the highest placed competitor riding in a SMART saddle. Contact if you'd like to get involved.

For more information on Trailblazers Championships and how and where to qualify, please see