Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Move seamlessly through the seasons with a SMART Saddle

It is a fact that horses are constantly changing shape; a weekly fluctuation of 3 kilos is perfectly normal. The horse carries most of his stored fat deposits over his top line and ribs, so even small variations in weight will immediately affect saddle fit, which often creates problems. As the seasons change, along with it do the work demands of the horse and the quality of accessible grazing. For these reasons, amongst others, we see the greatest changes in weight and shape of the horse with the seasons and, consequently, the greatest need to assess the fit of your saddle. 

Image ref: EasyCare Inc.

Whilst a traditional treed saddle is rigid and cannot accommodate any such changes, the 100% flexible SMARTTM saddle range can adapt to any back shape and thus provides a simple and practical solution for saddle fitting all year round. By quickly and easily making adjustments with balance shims, you can ensure that your SMARTTM saddle is optimally fitted for both you and your horse. 

Whether you’re an eventing enthusiast with summer goals, or if you have a freshly clipped hunter in your stables who needs careful management over the winter months, a fully flexible SMARTTM saddle can help to keep you and your horse doing what you love most, all year-round.

Solution Saddles offer a wide range of saddles in different styles and sizes to suit adults, children, leisure riders and professionals alike. Not only do Solution Saddles offer a home consultation service through a nationwide network of Approved Advisors, we also offer a rental service and 3 x 0% payment plans.

Don’t let poor saddle fit ruin your plans each time your horse changes shape – book a test ride with a SMARTTM saddle today!

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