Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Have you ever wondered if a fully flexible RigidFree™ SMART™ saddle would improve your horse’s performance and comfort?

The Solution Saddles range of scientifically researched designs is recommended whatever your chosen discipline.

Did you know that a healthy back will increase in size during work?
A recent study* conducted by Dr Sue Dyson, Dr Rachael Murray and Line Greve at the Animal Health Trust, presented at the Saddle Research Trust International Conference 2014, has confirmed that horses’ back dimensions do increase with exercise, illustrating that it is not only important that a horse’s saddle fits before work, but also during work.  The greatest changes in back dimension during exercise were seen in both sound horses and those ridden in a well fitting saddle, suggesting that it is a healthy back which increases in size during work.

The mean back-shape ratio immediately after ridden exercise was greater compared with before work for all sites. Mean changes in back-shape were greater in horses working correctly versus not working correctly, and in horses with correctly-fitting versus ill-fitting saddles at each site.” Greve L, Murray R & Dyson S. Exercise-induced changes in back dimensions: the influence of saddle fit, rider-skill and work-quality. Equine Vet J (2014) 44 (1) 4-14

How a correctly fitted SMART™ saddle will allow the change in shape - without manual adjustment
The fully flexible gullet and base panel design of the RigidFree™ SMART™ saddle range allows the saddle to flex and move with the horse, accommodating immediate changes in shape and muscle dimension, promoting long-term back health. The self tensioning ‘W’ girthing system enables the horse to breathe comfortably, without restriction. SMART™ saddles are completely adjustable; whenever your horse changes shape; every ride, all year round. 

Before & after
Solution Saddles customer, Sue Sandford, was delighted after changing to a RigidFree™ SMART™ saddle. Not only was her horse happier in his work, but the dramatic difference in his back development was obvious after only 2.5 months. Read her full story here.

Is it time you tried a flexible SMART™ saddle?
Contact Solution Saddles to arrange to arrange a Home Consultation visit and try out a SMART™ SPORT VT saddle of your choice with expert specialist advice from your local Solution Saddles Approved Advisor. Plus, receive a complimentary gift pack worth nearly £200 with your SMART™ SPORT VT saddle purchase with all test rides booked in February 2015.

Solution Saddles customer, Katie King, is looking forward to a season of affiliated dressage in her new SMART™ saddle
Although her horse ‘Eric’ did not have any obvious problems before they tried the SMART™ saddle, she commented that:
“Everything has changed now that we have a SMART™ saddle! He has a new desire to power forwards on his own in a relaxed and controlled manner and is much more willing to stretch. Contact is much more consistent and his length of stride improved dramatically.”

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Home Consultation Visits are charged at £50, which is refundable against the price of your saddle if you purchase.

*Exercise-induced changes in back dimensions: The influence of saddle-fit, rider-skill & work quality, Sue Dyson & Line Greve:  http://www.thehorse.com/articles/35283/exercises-effects-on-horses-back-dimensions-and-saddle-fit