Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pre season offers on the new SMART PRO Jump & Dressage saddles


Make 2016 your best season yet with a new SMART PRO saddle. 
100% flexible, you can be confident that your saddle will fit as well at the end of the season as it did at the beginning. 
Save up to £710 for a limited time only!

An excellent show jumping or cross country saddle. The flatter seat and graduated cantle offers the rider freedom to move, whilst providing support where needed. Flexes with the horse's back, giving confidence to bascule without restriction. RRP £2,950

SMART PRO Dressage Saddle
Combines a close contact feel and rideability with support and security. Interchangeable Suprabloc knee blocks for optimal positioning. Fully flexible base panels enhance freedom of movement and supplenessRRP £2,950

  • 10% off the price of the saddle
  • Up to £150 of SMART Essentials included in the price
  • Pay in full at the time of purchase to save up to £710 off the RRP
  • Alternatively, spread the cost on one of our 0% payment plans

Why choose a SMART Saddle?

SMART™ saddles do not have a traditional saddle tree. They can easily accommodate horses that are difficult to fit, have existing saddle or performance related problems, give young horses a good start or give older horses a new lease of life. Our saddles have absolutely no rigid parts to cause injury to the horse and are completely flexible. SMART™ saddles are designed to protect the horses back from pressure and trauma by using a patented shock absorbing system. Our unique balance pad system ensures one saddle can be fitted to several horses easily and allows changes in shape through the season.

Friday, 5 February 2016

One saddle… any discipline, any horse. The SMART™ EVENTER - the new RigidFree™ all-round performance saddle suitable for both flatwork and jumping at all levels.

The SMART™ EVENTER - the new RigidFree all-round performance saddle suitable for both flatwork and jumping at all levels.

Why Choose a SMART™ EVENTER saddle?

The fully flexible RigidFree saddle system enables the whole of the horse’s shoulder and back to lift and move without causing tilting, rocking or torque, allowing the horse unrestricted movement in multi-discipline ridden work.

Saddle fit can be easily adjusted throughout the season, or when moving the saddle onto a different horse, without the need for specialist equipment or reflocking.

The high density, fully flexible SMART™ technology offers the horse and rider the support required with absolutely no rigid structures.

In the event of a rotational fall, the unique, fully deformable SMART™ EVENTER combines unrivalled safety features with top level performance.

The SMART™ Eventer has evolved through rider demand from the RigidFree™ SMART™ range of saddles; a saddle range developed with thorough scientific testing and research to ensure the highest performance levels for both horse and rider.

The modern close-contact seat design will appeal to those riders accustomed to the feel of a monoflap style saddle - offering rider support when in the saddle and room to move when in a forward seat.

The soft padded,  dual-purpose knee flap moulds around the SMART™ knee block style of your choice and can be positioned and adjusted as required according to discipline and personal preference.

As part of our SMART™ PRO saddle range, the SMART™ EVENTER features a sleek, high performance, ultra-low profile. The fully flexible design, made with SMART™ shock absorbing materials is designed to protect the horse through high impact disciplines.

The extended base panel shape provides additional support over the weight bearing area to effectively reduce peak pressures.

The generous, controlled gullet width offers saddle security and stability and is particularly suited to sensitive horses or those with pre-existing back conditions.

Expert home consultation service and on-going advice available through our nationwide network of Solution Saddles Approved Advisors.

“I have ridden in the SMART saddles for more than 5 years now. After trying the latest range of  SMART saddles on all of my horses I was really impressed. One of the event horses felt as though his good jump became even better and our retrained ex-racehorse felt so much more uphill in the SMART Pro dressage saddle. Another of the horses’ paces, particularly canter, felt really good, so I now can't wait to get him eventing again. He has improved so much since I started riding him in the SMART RigidFree dressage saddles, so I am very excited about the season ahead with a SMART Pro Jump saddle!!”
Andrew Bennie, Olympian, BE Accredited Coach,
BHSI, List 1 BD judge and FEI Eventing 4* and Olympic judge.

The SMART™ EVENTER, for riders who demand the highest performance at all times:
  •      Multi-discipline activities including jumping
  •      Fitting to more than one horse
  •      Both round backed & high withered horses

Find out more or contact Solution Saddles to book a test ride today: | 07738 711 099

Monday, 1 February 2016

Save the date: 12th - 13th February 2016 Solution Saddles SMART Workshop Outlet Clearance Sale!

Purchase your perfect SMART Saddle at our Workshop Outlet Clearance Sale

For the first time ever, Solution Saddles is opening its doors to invite customers old and new to join us for a clearance sale of ex-demo saddles.

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, we are offering a wide selection of ex-demo SMART saddles from £1,000 to £1,500 direct from our workshop outlet to make way for our new SMART Eventer and SMART Pro saddles. A full list of clearance saddles will be made available on Wednesday 10th February.

The event will take place on Friday 12th February 2pm - 7pm and Saturday 13th February 9am - 1pm. All saddles will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

All clearance saddles include:
Standard knee blocks and fleece saddle cover
3 month warranty
Free advice from our team
Pay in full on the day or on our 0% 3 month payment plan
'Sale or return' terms - return the saddle under our rental conditions should it not meet your needs.

Conveniently located in the midlands, the Solution Saddles workshop is based near Worksop, Derbyshire and is easily accessible from both the A1 and M1:

Download directions from the A1
Download directions from the M1

Contact the office on 07738 711 099 or to find out more.

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