Friday, 24 November 2017

Black Friday SMART Offers – Fantastic Christmas Gifts from Solution Saddles.

Recommended SMART products that really work at our lowest prices, for a limited time only – don’t miss out!!
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Activate Your Horse's Core

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Unmounted Exercises for Dynamic Mobility, Strength & Balance By Narelle Stubbs & Hilary Clayton.

A 95 minute DVD and a step-by-step manual that show you how to perform ground exercises that mobilise the joints and engage the muscles used to round and stabilise the horse's neck, back and pelvis during athletic activities. Improve performance, flexibility and reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the muscles of your horse’s core - Develop your horses posture, self-carriage and balance.

SMART Mounting Steps

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Safe, strong, portable mounting step.
Handy, lightweight mounting steps, perfect for the yard and for taking to competitions. The SMART™ Mounting Step folds down to neatly fit in tack rooms, cars or horseboxes. Easily carried, folded or put up with one hand. An essential piece of kit to have on the yard for mounting, grooming or assessing horses.


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The SMART AirLink provides a user-friendly alternative for easy attachment of Air Jackets to SMART™ saddles. The SMART AirLink can also be used as a balance strap.

Professional's Choice Ventech Girth

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Our most popular recommended girth. Features a ventilated waffle-patterned, non-slip neoprene liner to hold the saddle in place and conform to your horse’s shape. Allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best.

Royal Rider Flex Stirrups 

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The unique flex design provides the advantages of shock absorption for joint relief throughout the rider's back and legs. The wider foot base reduces ankle and leg fatigue. Lightweight and extremely tough and hardwearing, the Flex Stirrups come with interchangeable black rubber or stainless steel "cheese grater" foot pads. The angled tread encourages the stirrup to stay with the rider's foot through changing positions and forces, giving unequalled security.

Bee Natural Tack Pack

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It is vital to maintain the condition of your saddle in order to optimise performance and increase its longevity. Leather is a natural material and needs to be protected from drying out and cracking. Bee Natural Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will keep your saddle in peak condition and protect it from the elements. A no mess, no fuss, all in one leather cleaner & conditioner that really works - Waterproof, Strengthen, Protect & Clean.

SMART X-Over Breastgirth

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The unique SMART X-over Breastgirth design is recommended for all jumping activities, providing ultimate security whilst giving complete freedom of movement to the horse. The fully elasticated straps eliminate pressure points, rubbing and restricted movement. A breastgirth is always advisable as a safety precaution when jumping whatever the type of saddle used and whatever shape of the horse.

The SMART™ X-over design features ensure security and stability…