Thursday, 11 March 2021

The SMART Suprabloc: Now available as a customisation on new SMART NATIVE Dressage saddles.

Positioning the knee block on the top of the saddle flap enables a closer-contact, monoflap feel; offering the rider support without adding bulk at what can often be the widest point on some native or cob types, for refined communication and enhanced synchrony.


You can choose your preferred knee block style and position Supabloc flap for a tailor-made feel and optimal support to suit your individual requirements.


Combining all the benefits of the scientifically tested FlexTech Technology, the SMART NATIVE base panel gives stability on rounder back shapes whilst easily accommodating seasonal changes with minimal adjustments.



The SMART Native Dressage saddle starts from £2,350 new and is available to Test Ride and Rent with the option to purchase on any of our 3 x 0% payment plans. 

To find out more and book a Test Ride with your local approved SMART Advisor, contact Solution Saddles: / 01909 720 259 / 07738 711 099


“I had wanted to invest in a dressage saddle for a while but was unsure whether it would be worth it for us at our very basic prelim level. However, I decided to take the plunge, and with the help of our lovely SMART Approved Advisor, we decided on a SMART™ Native Dressage saddle, which I had customised with a Suprabloc kneeflap.



In our first competition in our new saddle, we achieved the two highest scores we’ve ever had in any dressage test, as well as the best collectives for rider’s seat and position that I’ve ever achieved. We got a first and second place as well as some lovely comments from the judge.


I cannot recommend these saddles highly enough or thank Solution Saddles enough for pandering to my whims!”

Mel Glover



Please note that the Suprabloc knee flap cannot be retrofitted to existing saddles and must be ordered as a customisation on a new saddle.

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