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Solution Saddles' Covid19-Secure Services


Solution Saddles' 
Covid19-Secure Services

Whilst the latest update from the Prime Minister is no doubt a source of concern, we would like to reassure you that, in the interests of horse welfare, we will continue to offer SMART services in-line with all Government guidelines and policies. This means that Solution Saddles HQ and our dedicated network of SMART Advisors are on-hand nationwide to help eliminate saddle-related issues for both you and your horse(s). 

With extra care and precaution in place to maintain the safety of everyone, our SMART Home Consultation service is available to those whose preference is to try new SMART saddles with a SMART Advisor present. Having implemented stringent new measures for test rides in 2020, our protocol has proven to be both practicable and reliable.

Although we are firm believers that a hands-on saddle fitting is the ultimate service, our tried and tested remote fitting service is also available; it is free to all customers, for both refits and direct saddle fits. Thanks to the unique, fully flexible design of the SMART Saddle range, we are able to accurately achieve optimal saddle fit and balance through photos, videos, video-call and rider feedback. 

Our home consultation protocol and safety measures include:
  • Pre-test ride risk assessment to ensure viability
  • Digitised paperwork to avoid cross-contamination
  • Use of PPE by all of our SMART Advisors
  • Social distancing; limited requirement for work at <2m apart
  • Use of outdoor spaces
  • Allocated saddles and accessories for each client -i.e. not shared
  • Careful cleaning of saddles and accessories pre and post - test ride
You can read our Covid-19 Protocol in full here.
"Our SMART Advisor was extremely helpful, from first point of contact, through consultation, to after sales care. She adhered well to social distancing during the appointment and asked many questions beforehand to determine the best saddles to bring on the day."
~ Eve Waterhouse, SMART Saddle Owner
FREE Remote Fitting Service
Solution Saddles offer a free remote fitting service for all clients, both old and new.
If you are unable to accommodate a SMART Advisor coming to your yard during this time, please don't hesitate to contact the office to discuss direct rental and remote fitting options. 

Tel: 01909 720 259
Email: smart@solutionsaddles.com
''After reading the research I decided to take the plunge and arranged to take a SMART PRO Dressage saddle on rental. As I live in Northern Ireland, I arranged to have a remote fitting, which was fab, effective and easy. Three weeks later my equine physio assessed Bella as ‘’in great shape with little tightness’’. ~ Debbie Burns, SMART Saddle Owner (pictured above)
Remote fitting advice a resounding success for a difficult to fit cob
"I contacted Solution Saddles mid-lockdown in a slight panic due to my youngster being "off" again, which I knew was saddle related. I was sceptical to say the least, because just two months prior I had spent £1,250 on a brand new custom saddle that was supposed to last my youngster his lifetime...
But, we've had the SMART NATIVE GP saddle for just under one month now and I am so happy to say that it is amazing! We have been on 12 mile hacks and my horse has felt so free in his movement. His physio has also noted an improvement in his shoulder movement, which was an area of concern at his previous check up. I'm so happy with the versatility of the saddle as we show and jump!

I can't wait to see how much more improvement we have with the saddle over the coming weeks. For anyone with a hard to fit baby cob wondering like me, if they should give a SMART Saddle a try - DO IT TODAY!" ~ Amy McIntyre, SMART Saddle Owner
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