Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Wide, flat backed horse or pony? We have a special offer for you!

Are you struggling to find the right multi-discipline saddle for your wide, flat backed horse or pony? 
Look no further than The SMART Native GP saddle!

If you are the owner of a typical broad backed horse or pony with little to no wither and large shoulders, looking for a multi-discipline saddle, suitable for all activities, then the SMART Native GP is for you:

  • Low profile base panels for security and stability
  • Fully flexible to accommodate large shoulders, encourage healthy back muscle development and adapt to seasonal fluctuations in weight and shape
  • Reduced panel length to enable a larger seat size on a compact panel - perfect for short coupled horses and ponies
  • General Purpose knee flap for versatility; simply adjust the position of the knee blocks between disciplines for ultimate support across all disciplines
  • Handmade in the UK out of premium leathers, finished in a traditional English style, suitable for the show ring 

Save £100 off the price of a brand new SMART Native GP 
~ includes £100 of SMART Essentials of your choice

To take advantage of this great deal, simply book a test ride, rental or order your new SMART Native GP before 12th April 2019.

SMART Native GP owner, Ann Nisbet, shares her story:

''I now feel safe and comfortable, but most of all the difference in Mildred is remarkable; her movement is even more fluid and lots of people have commented on the change in her. I can really feel what she's doing in her quarters so much more - jumping is fun again and all the rubs have gone. I cannot recommend Solution Saddles enough, our Advisor was so approachable, thorough and helpful both during and after the initial fitting. The saddles are beautiful, comfortable and really high quality.''

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Every fortnight we will be offering unique discounts across our SMART saddle range, showcasing the merits of each style. Keep your eyes peeled for our next offer at the end of the month!

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