Thursday, 30 June 2016

Solution Saddles Agent News from your area

New Agents for 2016

Solution Saddles are delighted to welcome five new Approved Advisors to our team for  2016 so far.

· Julia Garett, Garett Saddlers, Somerset
·  Caroline Harwood, Gloucestershire
·  Jess Rudkin, Bristol
·  Jessie Johnson, Northumberland
·  Ann-Marie Marek, Ceredigion, Wales

Our most recent training days were also attended by a number of potential agents who we hope will continue with their training to become Approved Agents. If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming part of our advisor network, please complete our new, easy to use online application form. Agents do not have exclusive rights in a geographical area, so we are always welcoming new members to our team, wherever you are based.  We also offer a range of tiers to fit in with your lifestyle, enabling you to choose how active and involved you are.

Do you want to book a test ride?

Check out our Approved Advisor page for a full list of Technical and Approved Advisors available to book Home Consultation Visits. If you can’t see someone near you, please contact us as we know of agents who regularly travel out-with their immediate location, some by quite a distance, who could fit you into an area visit.

2016 Agent awards

These awards recognise the hard work and dedication provided by our network of agents, who do a fantastic job of helping horses and riders find a solution to their saddle issues. We would like to extend our thanks to all of our agents who provide excellent service to our wide range of clients nationwide. We look forward to continue working together to help horses and riders achieve better performance, more comfortably, in SMART saddles.

Agent of the Year: Hannah Ludlow

Hannah has been involved with Solution Saddles since 2006 and was recently promoted to Technical Advisor. Hannah is very popular with her clients and we often receive testimonials praising her work following test rides. As well as regular test rides and refits around the Midlands, Hannah also attends display stands to help advise potential and existing clients on the merits of SMART saddles.
2016 Long Standing Agent: Rachael Brown

Rachael is one of our most active agents, based in Suffolk. She has also been involved with Solution Saddles since 2006 and is the longest serving agent who has not previously received the award.
Top Sales Agent: Emily Howe

Derbyshire based Emily covers a large area, travelling to where we do not have trained Advisors - securing her position as top selling agent once again! Congratulations Emily!

 We would also like to congratulate our 2016 Ambassador Award winners; Alex Jakob-Whitworth, Kadiya Qasem, Tim Downes, Andrew Bennie.

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