Monday, 17 August 2015

NEW from Solution Saddles - SMART™ EVENTER saddle

Our newest RigidFree all-round performance saddle suitable for both dressage and jumping.

Features a sleek, high performance, ultra-low profile fully flexible base, made with SMART™ shock absorbing materials designed to protect the horse through high impact disciplines. The extended base panel shape provides additional support over the weight bearing area to effectively reduce peak pressures.

The modern closest-contact seat design will appeal to those riders accustomed to the feel of a monoflap style saddle and allows the rider both the support required when riding in the saddle and room to move when riding out of the saddle.

The soft padded, dual purpose knee flap moulds around the SMART™ knee & thigh block style of your choice and can be positioned and adjusted as required according to discipline and personal preference.

The fixed gullet width offers saddle security and stability and can be particularly suited to sensitive horses or those with pre-existing back conditions.

Why Choose a SMART EVENTER saddle?
The SMART Eventer has evolved through rider demand from the SMART™ range of saddles; a saddle range developed with thorough scientific testing and research to ensure the highest performance levels for both horse and rider.

The fully flexible RigidFree saddle system enables the whole of the horse’s shoulder and back to lift and move without causing tilting, rocking or torque, allowing the horse unrestricted movement in multi-discipline ridden work.

Saddle fit can be easily adjusted throughout the season or when moving the saddle onto a different horse – without the need for specialist equipment or reflocking.

The high density, fully flexible SMART™ technology offers the horse and rider the support required with absolutely no rigid structures.

Expert home consultation service available with on-going advice from a Solution Saddles Approved Advisor. 

SMART EVENTER is suitable for:

·         Multi-discipline activities including jumping
·         Riders who demand the highest performance at all times
·         Both flat backed & high withered horses

Special Introductory offer
Solution Saddles are offering complimentary SMART Essentials to the value of £150 with every SMART EVENTER saddle order for a limited time only. This offer will be automatically applied to your order. (SMART Essentials include, balance pads, saddles cloths and knee/thigh blocks)

All new saddle orders include: SMART Fleece Saddle Cover, Standard Knee Blocks & Bee Natural Tack Pack.

SMART EVENTER saddle customisations
The SMART EVENTER is available in our full range of saddle sizes in both black and Havana leather. You can choose to customise your saddle according to personal preference with suede options and alternative knee flap sizes to accommodate riders who are particularly long or short in the thigh length.

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